Saturday, August 15, 2009

LAUSD to Bury Homeowners in Property Tax Increase!

As unbelieveable as it may seem, the Los Angeles Unified School District is using a financial loophole to raise property taxes on hundreds of thousands of homeowners, all without any vote or public discussion. I’m not talking about a 1% or 2 % rise. The current rate is $123 per hundred thousand. Officials for the LAUSD are talking about rates above $200 per hundred thousand by 2012. I’m no mathematician but it looks to me like an untenable weight on homeowners who are already struggling under a tremendous financial burden. Home many more forclosures and for how long do the authorities expect us to continue to bend over? I believe that we must bring this issue front and center. Organize with Twitter and Facebook. Only our collective will can stop this action!

Please contact me if you can help me join in opposition!