Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Believe We Must!

Why are we buying into all this doom and gloom? How does that make you feel? Keep telling people that the sky is falling long enough and eventually they will start believing it. Invest yourself in your inspired reality. OK we are faced with many unresolved problems right now, but that is nothing new. Life has always been about dealing with problems. The difference is that we have become a civilization of mindless minions. Life is a struggle. That has not changed. What has is our resolve and our courage to meet our challenges and obligations. We have morphed into the "I'm not responsible generation", it's not my fault. An unrealistic sense of entitlement; that somehow we are owed health, happiness and prosperity. We are not. We are not even guaranteed tomorrow. For the last 50 years we have shifted our paradigm and along with it we lost our grounding in this earth, our respect for the earth , our true reality. We have become a nation living in a self induced drug haze.Snap out of it people! We still have the power to change our reality; a new story has yet to be written. Are we men or holograms? Shadow or substance? Fear I fear is the new reality. We fear losing our, (fill in the blank). I say we must become the new pioneers of tomorrow. Strike out with a renewed sense of determination and hope. Let us lift the veil of darkness and despair and see our world as it is, as it can be. In the face of our creator we can see the eternal joy and exileration of life. How precious is our next breath! How fragile it's beauty. Find your joy and repel those whose thoughts and actions seek only to tear us asunder. Believe we must!