Monday, January 18, 2010

All the way home!

You have to wonder about the wisdom behind the dismantling of the Colfax Avenue Bridge in order to put guessed it; another bridge! OK so it will be newer and probably stronger, although the old bridge looks like it could have stood for another 50 years or so with maybe some resurfacing every few years.

It's projected to take around 2 years to complete. The traffic snarl this has created will make commuting around quaint Studio City a real pain in the you know what. Perhaps city planning could have blocked the condification (my word) of our area which has greatly increased population density and vehicular traffic. Take a look at some of the pockmarked roads, the disintegration of asphalt and plain old potholes that now blanket our streets. The bridge will cost several millions of taxpayer dollars and will not improve traffic flow on that North-South corridor. I dare venture to say that those monies could have been better allocated for more pressing projects. Last year I lost one perfectly good tire to a pothole, around $300.00 for those low profile beauties on my car.

I believe there should have been a citywide referendum on an issue as important as this. Someone got a very lucrative contract. Someone went wee wee wee all the way home!