Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini Trailers- The New Urban Blight!

I don’t have to ask if you’ve seen these obnoxious mini trailers parked all over our cities and towns. Once again creative marketers have found a way around the bans and restrictions on advertising. City legislators have done little or nothing to stop the proliferation of these unnecessary, distracting and generally obstructive little devils.

As of yet, I have not seen them being used by real estate agents, but I can’t imagine that they are not doing so, or at least contemplating it. I guess the law is vague enough to allow them to park these little trailers without any financial recourse.

I understand the attraction of them. For a modest investment, you can strategically place them in high traffic corridors and get FREE advertising at no cost. Just buy the trailer and off you go.

If we don’t put our collective foot down and ban these little gremlins, I’m afraid they will continue their unrelenting encroachment on legal street parking, such that it is, and multiply like a bunch of mutant tribbles. We need to let our government officials know that we find this affront unacceptable and demand the total ban of these street demons.

Are you with me?